Elite Polyurethane Engineering

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MiningA sister company servicing the Mining  Industry directly.


productionComplete turnkey manufacturing and processing plants to satisfy any customer needs.


productsA diverse range of materials to satisfy a diverse industry.


greenNEW Environmentally Friendly PU. Lead Free and Bio-Degradeable


Elite Goes Green

 Manufacturing Process - Typical Process

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 Manufacturing Process - New Green Process

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In Process Contamination Reductions


As the product contains no heavy metal or other contaminants the wear of components do not add to process contamination, particularly where water is involved.




Disposal after use is safe for landfill disposal by european standards (The Harzwasser Test).


Cross Contamination


No cross contamination where product are manufactured with no steel substructure.


Where possible Elite Polyurethane engineering is striving to eliminate the use of steel substructures for wear parts.


Typically the steel sub structure is reclaimed for its re-use or scrap value by burning the PU, thus causing atmospheric problems.





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