Elite Polyurethane Engineering

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MiningA sister company servicing the Mining  Industry directly.


productionComplete turnkey manufacturing and processing plants to satisfy any customer needs.


productsA diverse range of materials to satisfy a diverse industry.


greenNEW Environmentally Friendly PU. Lead Free and Bio-Degradeable


A Brief History

Elite Polyurethane Engineering was opened in 1986 under the name Elite Plastic Engineering CC and is still a family run business.

In 2004 strategic decisions called for the division of Elite Plasic Engineering CC in to (1) Elite Polyurethane Engineering (Pty) Ltd and (2) Elite Mining (Pty) Ltd. This divide was necessary due to the product diversification that took place.

Elite Polyurethane Engineering rapidly grew due to supply contracts and the ability to design, problem solve and meet the customer requirements.

Elite Mining developed it's own product lines which it supplies directly to the Mining industry. Both companies still operate from one premisis which enables each company to share key facilities.

Mission Statement

  • Consistently strive to offer the highest quality cast polyurethane and engineered product
  • Maintain our uncompromising approach to quality assurance and outstanding service
  • Gain recognition for our trading values and principles
  • Empower the consumer by offering the highest level of technical support
  • Become a market leader in its field, expanding into new market areas ensuring long term economic prosperity


Elite Polyurethane Engineering is committed to supplying:

  • A quality product which conforms to given specifications
  • A quality product which is suited to the specific application
  • A quality product utilizing the highest quality raw materials
  • A quality product that is free from material defect
  • A quality product that is free from workmanship defect


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